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Stylist & CEO

Da Twist Master is the CEO of Wyld Chyldz Hair Studio LLC in The Twin Cities of Minnesota. Her amazing  journey began in The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, in 1971. She is the third generation to experience entrepreneurship. Her ancestral roots extend deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and they play an intricate role in the confident, courageous, compassionate, and vivacious business woman she has become. 

Growing up, Da Twist Mastr wanted to be dressed in the latest fashions while sporting the most up to date hair trends. She learned to create fun hairstyles for herself and was more than willing to help her many young friends style their hair.

The Mid-1990s found Da Twist Mastr, the ambitious young mother of two, setting her sights on higher grounds. Her focus was on better educational opportunities.  Her hopes and dreams were brought to fruition when she and her children became residents of the Twin Cities. Da Twist Mastr registered in St Paul College where she excelled in her college courses and she took advantage of the work study opportunities. She realized her interest was in fitness, fashion designing, and hair and skin care.

Da Twist Mastr worked in various establishments perfecting her professional skills of natural hair care as her clientele base broadened.

Armed with dreams of ownership, she applied innovative strategies that transformed a dark and drab empty space into a vibrant and fabulous place of natural hair care that enhanced the community. 

Da Twist Mastr was successful in designing a beautiful and functional environment that caters to the unique needs of each client. With determination, her dreams of entrepreneurship became a reality. On January 1, 2013, Da Twist Mastr made it happen by opening Wyld Chyldz Hair Studio LLC.

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"Do I need to say anything... 

My stylist DaTwist Mastr


Enough said! 

Thank you, my beautiful friend!"


-William "BakeShow" Baker,



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